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Voiceover Samples

AT&T Mobility Commercial - Father character
Cove Radio Atlantis Resort - Hideaway
Cove Radio Atlantis Resort - PorCausa
Wind of Luck - Tavern Keeper
Wind of Luck - Banker
Wind of Luck - Trading Company Exec
Wind of Luck - Market Tradesman
TechnoBabylon - Phone Messages

I'm a Video Clip

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Thor And Loki: Blood Brothers

Marvel Publications Motion Comic.


VO (sea captain) to animation explaining "The Cost of Quality:Fees" for Altegris.

An animated and informative explanation on why Altegris believe alternative investment managers are worth their relatively higher fees.

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Wind of Luck Video Game

I play 4 different characters:


Market Tradesman - speaks rapidly, breathlessly; nervous; emotional; moody person (his mood changes radically)


Banker - narcissistic; haughty; he doesn't speak out words, but speaks through clenched teeth

Trading Company Representative - good-natured, easy-tempered; with sense of humor

Bartender - an average person, without any remarkable features; sociable; speaks calmly and politely


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