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To arrange an audition or consultation please contact me at


Animation/Video Game VO                                                                                                                                                       

Thor and Loki - Blood Brothers         Thor                                                          Marvel Publications

Wind Of Luck                                          4 characters                                           Edge Studio


Commercial/Narration/Industrial VO                                                                                                                                      

Altegris                                                     Narrator, Sea Captain                         Edge Studio

Cove Radio                                               Principal voice                                      ML Rogers Advertising         

AT&T Mobility                                         The father                                               BBDO Atlanta           

Animals In The Darndest Places        Narrator                                                  Cewy Productions

PeeOns                                                      Narrator                                                  We Power Shift                      


Short Film/On-camera Industrial                                                                                                                           

Animals In The Darndest Places        Wildlife Expert, VO Narrator            Cewy Productions

(3rd place at Made In NY Festival 2013)

Behind The Kitchen Door                     Chef                                                          Sekou Luke Studio Prod

Today’s Diners Guide                             Restaurant Manager                           Sekou Luke Studio Prod

Man v Food v Ghosts                              Marty Savage  (lead)                           Time Of Day Media


Additional work has been completed but due to NDA restrictions cannot be mentioned at this time.        



VO Technique                                           Melanie Ehrlich                                   Listen To Melanie

Animation character Intensive           Melanie Ehrlich                                   Listen To Melanie

Commercial VO Audition                      Andy Roth                                             Listen To Melanie

Contemporary Scene Study                 Matthew Arkin                                     HB Studios                            

Technique                                                 Matthew Arkin                                     HB Studios                

VO Intensive                                             Mark Blum                                            HB Studios

Improv.                                                       Mark Grenier                                       Magnet Theater         



British Actor and Voiceover Talent available for commercials, narration, animation, characters, education and audio books.


  • Language/Accents: Various British accents fluently (Estuary English, Cockney, Brummie, Scouser, Yorkshire, Geordie), Southern/Southwest American, Australian, Northern Irish.

  • Character Voices: All age’s male, myriad creatures and characters upon request.

  • Veteran: Soldier, British Army, over 6 years training in various weapons, combat roles and tactics

  • Miscellaneous: Yoga, rugby, swimming, cycling, kayaking, rock climbing, caving, carpentry, bartending, waiting, cooking, barista, avid video gamer, single malt scotch, military history.

  • Documents: Valid UK passport, permanent USA Green Card holder, UK and NY drivers license.


Representation:        Innovative Artists NY. Freelancing with Voice Over and On-camera Commercial depts.

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